Shaken Baby Syndrome – New York Times article, February 2011

An important and very readable article on the medical diagnostic controversies in alleged ‘shaken baby’ cases: Download here.

Reunification following compulsory adoption

In the book Fine Judgments, i described how the lifelong consequences of compulsory adoption are unresearched and largely unknown. Here is a speech by a forceably adopted infant (now an adult) who searched for and has reconciled with her natural mother and brother. Tammy is bitterly critical of the social services and court processes that made her subject to such a prolonged separation (with no contact) from her natural family. Will social services and courts learn from this case? Tammy Coulter Speech

Concern about disproportionate and authoritarian social work practice

In the book Fine Judgments, I described the dynamic that can occur when ‘reasonable’ parents encounter ‘unreasonable’ child protection workers. Here is a judgement from 2008 in New South Wales, Australia that is a compelling example of this cuture:

Re George and Luke (No2)[2008] NSWSC 1387 Docs Abuse of Power

Research and practice publications

  • Highly recommeded book on openess in adoption: Duxbuty, M. (2007). Making Room in Our Hearts: Keeping Family Ties Through Open Adoption. New York: Routledege. (see on Amazon)
  • The UK’s only free, online, specialised child protection resource for practitioners, researchers, trainers, policy-makers and other professionals working to protect children and support families: NSPCC Inform

Support services for parents, grandparents and families

  • An excellent source of information and support for families and grandparents is the charity Family Rights Group, particularly in situations where there are tensions and conflicts about the actions of social services departments. Visit:
  • Another valuable support site for grandparents – visit:
  • Find a solicitor who specialises in family law (care proceedings, residence and contact matters):